Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

iOS 5 Lets You To Delete Individual Calls From Call Logs

Yet another feature of iOS 5 reveals, and after this, we have some more proofs about Apple that they copied jailbreak tweaks information and use it in their next generation iOS 5. As we have covered a detailed article on which we have points out many jailbreak tweaks which were implemented in iOS 5, just like one of them. Here is another feature available in iOS 5, just because of jailbreak tweak.

The new feature of iOS 5 is allows you to delete individual calls history from your iPhone’s call log, and this feature is similar to the jailbreak tweak called “CallDelete” which let you the same feature on your iPhone. Now after this, it seems that Apple tries to kill the jailbreak tweak developers by implementing their tweaks in its upcoming iOS 5.