Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

iOS 5 Let You To Rename Your iPhone Directly From Device, No Need Of iTunes

Many iPhone, iPad users have already assigned name to their devices, just like we gave the name of “FreaKGeeKs” to our every device, and for renaming device normally we use iTunes to rename our device, first connect your device via USB to Computer than iTunes to rename device. But now, as Apple has announced the feature of PC Free, so they also adds the ability in iOS 5 to rename the device name right from settings.

Renaming your device right from iOS 5, is another a new feature of iOS 5 that allows user to assign name to its device right from the device, means now you not have to connect your device with iTunes to do this simple thing. To rename your device from iOS 5, you all have to navigate to Settings > General > About > Name