Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

iOS 5 Let You Set Up Airport/Time Capsule From Your Device

In the keynote of WWDC, Apple revealed the amazing feature of iOS 5, on which user not have to connect his/her device to their computer for update, sync, more. The feature is dubbed as a PC Free and based on the Apple’s newly launched iCloud service. So the iOS 5 running iOS devices does not need any PC/Mac for syncing or updating the firmware or files. From the last two days we have been digging in to the iOS 5 beta 1 and found out many features, so as a new feature, iOS 5 let you to set up an Apple Airport or Time Capsule from an iOS 5 running iOS device.

iOS 5 AirPort Exterme
Courtesy 9to5mac

It seems that Apple has kicked out its iCloud device to kill the use of PC/Mac, Apple has almost shifted all of its services to iCloud based, just like automatic downloads on all iOS devices.