Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

iOS 5 Let You Set-Up AirPort Base Station and TimeCapsule Right From iOS Device

From last couple of weeks, we discover many hidden features of iOS 5, inside the betas that Apple seeded to developers, in the latest beta we found that Apple has enabled the Wireless Syncing for Windows users, also finds the evidence of iPod Touch 3G, but now this time we finds out the recently rumor thing. Before the launch of updated TimeCapsule and AirPort Base Station, we hear couple of times that they may have deep integration with iOS or may be hosts iOS version of operating system. But on the launch of the new device, we didn’t see anything. Now it looks Apple has did some other class of work with TimeCapsule and iOS integration. Users over HowToArena reports on the report of other website, that iOS 5 beta 4 now carries additional setting that lets you to set-up your AirPort Base Station and Time Capsule right from your iOS device. Any iOS device that runs latest iOS will automatically identifies whether your AirPort Base Stations needs to set-up or not. If not, it will allow you to set-up it right on your iOS device, under the Wi-Fi settings.



The new additional option under Wi-Fi Settings “Set up an AirPort Base Station” not only allows you to set-up or create a new Wi-Fi network to use with it, also the all error messages which appears on TimeCapsule, it will sends over to your iOS device and allow you to fix them right on your iOS Device. Well, it is another move from Apple in developing complete PC Free environment.