Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

iOS 5 Launch Delayed Until Fall of 2011, Will Preview At WWDC 2011

The report came from reliable source TechCrunch, claims that Apple holds the release of their newest 5th gen iOS 5 until the fall of 2011 and may be previewed at WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference). Where, traditionally Apple releasing their new iOS with the new hardware, I mean to say with the new iOS device.

Report says, with late releasing timeline of iOS Apple will preview it at company’s annual meeting (WWDC) in april and show to developer to create or update their applications to run smoothly on the new major updates of iOS. According to the some reliable sources, iOS 5 will have long-rumored cloud services, which may be related to the revamped MobileMe and the new “locker” feature of MobileMe and A new location service for finding family and friends will also be included.

Many people (including myself) were a bit disappointed that Apple didn’t devote any time during the iPad 2 unveiling to talking about iOS 5, the next major revamp of the software. But there may be a very good reason for that: it’s not coming anytime soon. In fact, the plan right now is to wait to launch iOS 5 until the fall, we’ve heard from two solid sources.

Well, all the rumors will solve at the WWDC 2011 when Apple previewing the iOS 5 and don’t worry, iPhone 5 launch is not expected to delay and will not come with the iOS 5.  According to the sources, iPhone 5 will come in the market with the iOS 4.x version.