Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

iOS 5 Enables Multiple Downloads Of App From App Store

Let’s, start again counting the features of iOS 5. Since the launch of iOS 5b1 we had discovered many features of iOS 5, some of them is copied from jailbreaking community and some of them is unique and awesome. After introducing this feature, I am going to include this feature too in the list of iOS 5 features and will compile it lately. We have noticed that Apple has add the multitasking ability in downloads of apps, games and e.t.c from the App Store. In iOS 5, user can simultaneously download apps from the App Store, means in other words “Multiple Downloads”.

In the current iOS 4.3.3, users can only download one app at a time. So it might be a great feature which helps you in saving your time, this feature will roll out to the public on releasing of iOS 5 publicly later in this fall