Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

iOS 5 Crash Report Revealed via Future Tap Developer

Today the App Developer of futuretap revealed a crash report which they got from an iPhone running iOS 5. This hints us to the ongoing field testing of iOS 5 by Apple.


According to 9to5mac the Application Crashed due to:

The application apparently crashed in iOS 5 due to the MKUserLocationBreadCrumb. Developer Will Strafach (Chronic) let us know that this API relates to the iOS maps and location functionality.

Just received the first iOS 5.0 crash report. MKUserLocationBreadCrumb sounds interesting.

Looks like Apple ahs made some changes to the MAPS in iOS 5, that’s why the App crashed on iOS 5.

So iOS 5 is set to be Demoed this Summer at World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). It is also expected that Apple will launch its Cloud Based Service in iOS 5. The production for iPhone 5 is set to take place some where in September and iOS 5 will also be coming up with iPhone 5.