Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

iOS 5 Code Reveals The Two New Models Of iPad 3

TUAW folks are one of the lucky guys, who got their hands on iOS 5 early betas exclusively and have managed to dig in its code to reveal some something. They report that they have found the USB configuration files in the iOS 5 beta 1, which reveals the two new unreleased model of iPad, model identifiers labeled as “iPad3,1” and iPad3,2” and the existing models of iPad 2 are labeled in iOS as “iPad2,1 (Wi-Fi-only), iPad2,2 (GSM) and iPad2,3 (CDMA)”. Their discovery of new iPad 3 models indicates that the rumors about the next generation iPad as a universal device were correct.

In the same iOS they have also found out the files which contains the mention iPhone4,1 and iPhone4,2 models, which means iPhone 5 models, well these models are already pointed out by Engadget before, but they have reported that they not found any new identity for iPod Touch 5th generation in the beta of iOS 5, so its means that Apple may not going to launch the iPod Touch 5th Gen this year and this report also suggests that we will get iPhone 5 this fall.