Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

iOS 5 Can Be Jailbreaked With OTA?

Looks like some one was keeping an Eagles Eye on Apple at WWDC and may be he was also attending WWDC. You all know whom i am talking about. The one and only @MuscleNerd.

After few hours WWDC was finished, Where Apple announced OTA (Over The Air) update starting from iOS 5 for iDevices. When Apple stated OTA every at first sight thought of Jailbreak, that how will can we perform the Jailbreak? Even I was like WTF. We are screwed no more Jailbreak.But never to loose hope because @MuscleNerd Tweeted after few hours that:

over-the-air delta updates of iOS should be fine for JBers (even if Apple didn’t let you disable them, the JB itself can)

Apple is challenged openly. If Apple can’t add the option of the Disable so jailbreak is alive and it will do it. So that means we can be safe from getting the accidental updates.

Lets see whose going to release the Jailbreak for iOS 5. @MuscleNerd or @Comex. As far as I think the Jailbreak will come from @Comex.

To say something at this stage is very early. Just wait for the iOS 5 to release by this fall and lets see.