Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

iOS 5 Bug Exposes Photo Albums on Locked iPhones (Video)

Every time there is a new release of iOS by Apple, we for sure came across many new numerous bugs. Those bugs are acceptable sometimes. When the bug becomes personal, so it becomes privacy threatening. If you are a proud owner of an iPhone on iOS 5.0.1 , so you are one of them who is affected by this bug. We are sure that you must not be aware with all of the features of iOS 5 added by Apple.

Special thanks to Canadian Tech consultant,  Ade Barkah, for exposing this bug. The bug allows any one to view your Photos, Videos from your lock screen of iPhone.

lockscreen bug on ios 5

In iOS 5, Apple didn’t made your life easier but also a bit miserable. Apple made a convenient button on your iPhone lock screen which appears after double tapping the home button. The button is not any than a camera button. This was made for the ease of you, so people can take pictures without unlocking their lock screen.

So, we did a video on it to see if this is real or not. See the results below:


This bug really works.

During Ade Barkah’s trip from Canada to Argentina, he found this bug. Some how he managed to update his iPhone on iOS 5.0 during the trip and found out this new iOS 5 glitch.

According to his findings, the bug is based on iPhone’s system time. If you are travelling some where in the world and connect your iPhone to any system with an earlier time zone, so you can easily access your Photos from the lock screen. This bug is purely based on the changing of time.

The change of time occurs by some software glitch or when you connect to any computer with previous time or incorrect time.

This seems to a small bug which can be patched easily by a software update. The iOS 5.1 is around the corner, so we can expect Apple to fix this bug in the next released of iOS 5.1.

If you need a Temporarily solution to get your self secure from this bug, you can put on a passcode lock on your iPhone.

We putted an passcode lock on our iPhone and we were safe. See the video below.