Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

iOS 5 Beta 7 To Expires On Thursday October 20

So we have already reported you about the software update releases of iTunes 10.5 beta 7 and iOS 5 beta 7 to developers, and already have published the changelog of the latest iOS 5 beta 7 to tell you what actually Apple has change in this beta, and which functions will going to be work in this beta update. As far as we know, there is already tethered jailbreak is exists to jailbreak the latest beta 7 update on all devices except iPad 2 with Redsn0w on Windows and Mac OS X.  Just like all recent beta update of iOS 5, this beta update is also comes up with a expire date, on which the beta will go dead and also screws up your device, only if you don’t update to latest beta update.

It seems to be like a tradition between jailbreak hackers and Apple’s developers, since the release of iOS 5 beta 1, we are continuously seeing that iH8sn0w jailbreak hacker keep informing us on every beta release of iOS 5 that when it will expire, so this time he tweeted that iOS 5 beta 7 to expires on Thursday October 20. But you don’t need to take any type of stress on your mind, because it is expected that Apple to release another beta update of iOS 5 in upcoming days.