Sat. May 21st, 2022

iOS 5 Beta 3 Allow FaceTime Call Mirroring On Big Screen Using AirPlay

Just like other betas, the third beta of iOS  5 also comes up with new features and hidden codes which predicts the upcoming changes in the iOS devices, last night we have discovered from the beta 3 code that new beta will unlock the Bluetooth capabilities of Apple TV, which might allow users to connect wireless keyboard to them and today is reported by TiPb folks that third beta is comes up with amazing feature, which may be helps a lot many users in different fields, we have already know about the FaceTime functionality of latest iPhone 4 and AirPlay Streaming, but this time Apple has kicked out a new feature with combination of its both main features, this new beta has new function of AirPlay streaming support for FaceTime video calling. This new feature will allow users to directly display their FaceTime video calls to big screen while using the Apple’s AirPlay platform to display the call easily to a large group of professionals, and other people.


But it doesn’t means that users have to replace the cameras or do any such type of thing, for doing FaceTime video call, the iOS device camera will be used, but users can take advantage of this new AirPlay support feature with FaceTime which allow users to do group video calling or use it for their professional meetings in market.