Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

iOS 5 Beta 2 Sets A Developers Charging Cable On A Blaze (Picture)

The software which is in Beta can do many things like Crash your springboard, got some security issues, can be attacked by Malicious things and can set your charging cable on fire. Fire? This is something new spotted today in iOS 5 beta 2 by a developer Pioneering Mac Desktop Virtualization. iOS, Mac & Android Development.

According to the Developer Gus Pinto, the one who became the victim by the charging port of his iPhone while testing the beta build of iOS 5. Today he Tweeted that:

My charging cable caught on fire while charging my iPhone 4 running iOS5. #Fail

According to mobilecrunch.

We’ve heard many, many reports of the iOS 5 Beta causing the iPhone 4 to run considerably hotter, but nothing like this. Slightly warmer handsets (or, say, decreased battery life) tend to come with the Beta territory. Be it inefficient code or that someone accidentally commented out a line and disabled some heat fail-safe, it’s just a fairly common occurrence for a Beta OS to run a bit toastier than its fully-certified counterparts.

This is the first time we also ever heard that some beta caused this much damage. It seems to be a bug in iOS 5 Beta which caused the iPhone to heat so much that it put on fie the Charging Cable. If this is a bug in iOS 5 Beta, so we are pretty sure that Apple will some how find and fix it because heating issues occur in iPhone 4 if you over use it.

Most probably this guy just over charged the iPhone 4 and this happened, other wise the cable must be of bad quality. One more thing that Gus Pinto didn’t specified if he putted the iPhone 4 on charge via computer or via wall charger. If he putted via Wall charger so these type of issue can happen because of Voltage problems.

You are also most welcome to comment below and let us know what you think about this issue because many of you must have or are using iOS 5 Beta 2.