Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

iOS 5 Beta 2 Let You To Watch Apps Installation In Real-Time

We already know Apple delivers the functionality of using iOS device while syncing with iTunes in the first beta of iOS 5 beta 1, and in the beta 2 they enables the feature of Wireless Syncing on the Wi-Fi Network, while providing these all functions they also implement the little interesting too in their beta 2 of iOS 5. In Beta 2 of iOS 5, you can also check out those application which are under the process of installation while the iTunes Sync taking place.


The App that you are installing in your iPhone during the process of iTunes Sync will simple pop-out on the screen and behave like those apps normally which you downloading from the App Store and will show the progress bar in the exact similar way. If you still didn’t get the exact idea, about the feature heads to this video and check out what we are talking about:


Video Courtesy:  AppAdvice