Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

iOS 5 Beta 2 Enables Wireless Recovery Mode – VIDEO

With the release of iOS 5 beta 1 we have seen that iOS devices running iOS 5 no longer need to connect to iTunes via USB, we have already heard about it from Apple “PC Free”, in latest iOS 5 beta 2 we have seen the devices now capable to do wireless sync with iTunes means no need to connect with wire for syncing, it seems that Apple’s feature of beat 2 not end on it, Apple has also enables the ability of entering device into Recovery Mode Wirelessly, in the previous versions of iOS, users have to perform combination of keys to enter their device into recovery mode.

We think with the upcoming releases of iOS 5 betas, Apple to kill the old fashion process and make it simpler, as we know every jailbreak user have to perform this method will performing jailbreak, so may be Apple thinks to help users 😛 in the process of jailbreaking. The folk of 9to5mac reports that users can enter their device in to recovery mode wirelessly while using the “RecBoot For Mac” or any other similar tool.