Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

iOS 5 Beta 1 Now Damaging iTunes App Store Reviews

We know after the release of iOS 5 beta every third user want it to runs on their device and for they are attempting wrong ways such as a registering for Apple’s Developers Account or registering a UDID by bribing developers, even without having a knowledge of betas, and in other words you can say that iOS 5 beta is $100 away from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. But because of this, now apps developers start facing issue of low ranks in apps reviewing, folks without complete knowledge start downloading and updating their devices to iOS 5 and then, start downloading Apps from the AppStore and on the case of crashing they gave it poor rank, even without knowing that the current system is running under beta and it will surely cause you crashes.


Especially when you received this type of mails from your users, it obvious that it will cause you poor ranks in the AppStore and also loses the trust in the view of other users. Well, it seems that Apple not going to put slow down this, because of it they are getting lot of people enrolled in their developers, but it is causing lot of problems for the iOS developers.

As noted by a number of readers, perhaps the easiest way for Apple to prevent this from happening, is for the company to instigate a block on people running the beta, preventing them from ever reviewing applications in the iTunes App Store, until such time as iOS 5 GM is released.