Sun. Apr 18th, 2021

iOS 5 Apps Start Self-Destructing Themselves, Why?

Since the iOS 5 and iCloud goes fully available in the world, many iOS users running the latest version of iOS 5 on their devices like iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPad 2 noticed the unfamiliar behavior of the apps installed in the iOS 5, as the apps goes in self-destructing mode and starts showing in the title that they are cleaning something from your device, without any information.

Many readers, and friends contacted and informed about this behavior of the apps on their devices, and shows the shocking condition with us. After a lot of digging into several forums come to remember that Apple has announced back to developers to make their application clean from the garbage data to make the backup more cleaner and useful for both the customer and their iCloud server too. Some developers have built their applications now according to the Apple’s new rules and regulations, which cause this unfamiliar cleaning of store data from the app without informing the user.


The cleaning of data does not delete any of your personal information from the device, and as well as from the application. It only removes the cache and other logged data from the application folders to make less memory consuming data backups, which powers the iCloud backups quicker than previous. If you have seen this happening on your device, don’t need to get a thing under your butts. It’s pretty natural now in the iOS.
We have used this type of behavior, mostly with Facebook, Instapaper and Twitter application for iOS yet, other developers have yet to adopt this pattern of data cleaning from their applications on iOS devices. It seems that in near future, we will see this happening every day with every next application, which logs our moves on devices.