Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iOS 5.1 “Pre-GM” Leaked New Features Revealed

Apple has seeded the third beta of the upcoming iOS 5.1 last year, and then holds the beta update releases to the developer from a long time. Different reports suggested earliest this week that Apple was planning to launch the iOS 5.1 with the announcement of iPad 3 earliest next month.  It appears that someone just got hands on the “pre-GM” version of the iOS 5.1, as the couple of screenshots surfaced today on several blogs belonging to a Portuguese language blog BlogdoiPhone.

The BlogdoiPhone has leaked two different screenshots of the “pre-GM” iOS 5.1 and shows up the two new upcoming features of the iOS 5.1 It appears that earlier reports of Japanese compatibility in Siri was correct, as the pre-GM iOS 5.1 carries the Japanese language option in Siri folder. The iPad 3 is rumored to be announced on an event in the first week of March, likely to be on March 7th. The new iOS 5.1 “pre-GM” version is appeared to be carrying a new look-screen feature, in the earlier versions of the iOS we have found that Apple baked a hidden camera button on the lock-screen that could be enabled by simply tapping the home button, but in the new “Pre-GM” version of the iOS 5.1 carries a slightly different camera button on the lock-screen.

The lock screen camera button carries a slightly moving gesture on the lock screen that allows you to open camera directly by dragging up and down the button on the lock screen. The new camera button eliminates accidental clicks. The new iOS 5.1 is also said to be carrying the new language supports for the Siri, as Apple has promised back on the launch of iPhone 4S that they will roll new languages earlier next year.
iOS 5.1 GM will most likely launch with the iPad 3— with the possibility of packing Siri for the iPad. A month ago, we also saw wallpapers launching in iOS 5.1.