Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iOS 5.1 Leaking It All, iPhone 5 In Internal Strings Revealed

Well well folks, as the iOS 5.1 beta has been passed out to developers via the developers account of Apple, the developers are feeding it up to get some stuff out and they have been getting since 24 hours, first the next generation iPad then the Apple TV and now the most wanted iPhone 5.

The inner strings of iOS 5.1 revealed the code name of it (iPhone 5, 1) as it always for the iDevices. The rumored iPhone will be for sure having the A6 chip, 4 inches display and more.

Before October 4, 2011 the iPhone 5 was all over the world and minds, the rumored captured it all but the October 4th Let’s Talk iPhone” event did the past stuff as they did with the iPhone 3G, 3GS, that your thinking how do you think “S” stands for

  • Steve
  • Same
  • Sexy
  • Successor
There could be more but after a month it was revealed by some big names that the iPhone 5 was just ready and the prototypes revealed were true, yes the same slim 4 inch display device but due to some inner infliction every thing was changed and the next year, 2012 is said to be a great year for “Apple Lovers” becasue rumors all over claim that Apple is going to push out a new line up of every product.