Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

iOS 5.1 Brings “Enable 3G” Toggle Back On iPhone

Apple has already seeded the first major update of iOS 5.0 to the iOS devices with the build number iOS 5.1 in the public. The new iOS 5.1 appears to be carrying numbers of different features, including the return of many old features back into iOS 5.1 which was removed by Apple in iOS 5.0. If you do remember, Apple has recently removed the “Enable 3G” toggle from in iOS 5.0, and let the users to tap their head in wall without the option. Many users argued to Apple due to the removal of the switch, as the option in iOS allows users to save their device battery usage, with turning off the 3G switch in certain areas where the 3G network is not available.


Now with iOS 5.1, Apple has again reinstated the option on the of the iPhone, and now again lets the user to control their device speed of connecting with the internet, and let users to prevent the couple of applications from connecting with their servers in background that actually eats the whole memory & battery of the device. It appears that Apple has brought the feature back on the iPhone because the new iPhone 4S is appeared to be a battery eating device for some users, but many developers out there have reported individually that it causes because of poor coding skills used for iOS 5.

However, later it is reported by the folks over MacWorld reported that they had found out the secret behind this toggle, they are now reporting that the presence of this toggle in of your iPhone is depended on your carrier. As many users on different carriers are now capable of using the toggle back on their devices, but as reported by the MacWorld, the toggle is not going to appear for the AT&T’s iPhone, as the users get their iPhone branding with 4G indicator, so there are fewer chances to get the “3G” toggle on “4G” device.