Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

iOS 5.0.1 Security Bug Allows To Bypass Passcode Lock Easily On iPhone

iOS security bugs are always come as a big pain for the iPhone users, as the new security bug allows to bypass the general security hurdles on the device by performing a quick work around on the device. The security bugs were not only pain for the users, but also for the Apple. As we have seen in the past, Apple actively fixes every other security bug on its devices, even the jailbreaking holes too, with new iOS updates. The most-recent security bug was discovered by a blogger, which allows anyone to make a FaceTime Call on your device without going through the pass-code lock on your device.

hack iPhone passcode lock
Today, a new iOS security bug is highlighted by the iPhone Islam folks, and the new iOS security bug allows anyone to make a call and access your iPhone and device contacts without entering and going through the passcode barrier in iOS. The new iOS security bug is discovered in iOS 5 / iOS 5.0.1 that allow users to access the all data on the device anonymously without disturbing the owner of the device. The iPhone Islam folks demoed their security bug discovery in a video, and by seeing the iOS bug, we can claim that it is not much handy like others, and to perform this kind of hack someone have to steal the device before attempting such a kind of steps on someone’s device.

The new iOS security bug actually works when you brought your iPhone somewhere in an area with no network coverage, or you can perform the hack by simply taking out the SIM card from your iPhone. iPhone Islam demoed the hack on non-jailbroken iPhone 4, which was looking for signals, and at the same time they dragged a missed call notification to the iOS notification center, that’s it! Once you done with hack, and enable to hack the device, you would access the contact lists, and the hack allows you to make calls out from iPhone.

Well, we think it doesn’t matter you, if you are one of those who always in touch with their iPhone or other iOS devices, and to perform this hack on the device, someone actually has to firstly steal the device.