Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

iOS 4.3 Coming On 28 Feb (Confirmed)

Hey folks  Macerkopf.de noted that, free access to the new iPad news publication The Daily has been extended beyond the original two-week trial period, pushing the free access window out to February 28th. The change comes as we continue to await the public release of iOS 4.3, which will bring support for the in-app recurring subscriptions to be used by The Daily.

As a speculation of the Rumor that iOS4.3 will be released for public and next generation iPad which is iPad2 will also be shown off this morning. A move that appears unlikely to happen given that Apple’s usual iOS release time of 10:00 AM Pacific Time has already passed and still there is no event held or is announced.

Users who currently look to the subscription settings to The Daily “will notice that the subscription is automatically renewed, in our case to 28 February 2011.

If it will be till the 28th Feb so you can see the Unlock before that or after that. If you don’t know so iOS4.3b3 was quite stable, so we can expect the release of iOS4.3 GM soon in next week or two. We will inform you when the GM( Gold Master) is out. The GM is the final version of the betas and then after few days the iOS is publicly released.

iPhone4 owners are waiting for long and will be waiting for long due to delay by Apple. They will have to wait until Dev-Team comes with something new. Just don’t loose your hope.