Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

iOS 4.3.4 Will Also Block Gevey Unlock SIM On iPhone 4

With the leak of iPad 2 jailbreak before its official release, it is expected by several jailbreak hackers that Apple will release the iOS 4.3.4 to fix the Comex iPad 2 jailbreak, which based on the userland exploit, and a lot of users are in the deep thoughts that if Apple released iOS 4.3.4, so it means they can also block the Gevey interposer unlock in the new version of iOS 4.3.x, because currently with the launch of iOS 5 beta 2 we have seen that Apple started in taking steps against Gevey interposer unlock solution.


For those of you who still not know about the Gevey SIM, it is a hardware based unlock solution for iPhone 4 latest basebands, which were not unlock able with Ultrasn0w, but many developers confirmed that using 112 exploit is illegal in many countries, so we will not recommend you to go with Gevey hardware based unlock solution, when Apple already start selling unlocked iPhone in U.S Apple Stores