Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Internet Explorer 8 & 9 Block’s 5 Million Malware Attack’s per Day

Microsoft claims that the users of IE 8 & 9 are protected by 5 million malware attacks daily. This is only the result of Microsoft’s SmartScreen Filter by which more than 1.5 billion malware were stopped to protect the PC. Micorosft also say’s that 1/14 downloads are later confirmed to be a malware.

Jeb Haber from Microsoft’s SmartScreen Team say’s

IE is still the only major production browser to offer this kind of protection from socially engineered malware. Our goal is to establish a reputation for the publisher of every program on the Web so that consumers can have a safer and easier experience downloading them

Microsoft claimed some steps by which users can stop the malware getting into your PC

  • Users are choosing to delete or not run malware 95% of the time from the new Application Reputation warnings
  • Application Reputation will prevent more than 20 Million additional infections per month (on top of existing SmartScreen URL reputation blocks)
  • Because programs and publishers can now establish a reputation, 90% of program downloads no longer show browser security warnings when users have SmartScreen enabled
  • More importantly, with the streamlined experience, the typical user will only see 2 warnings per year
  • On any given day, clicking through the “unknown warning” carries a risk between 25% and 70% of malware infection.

via [IE Blog]