Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

iOS Internal URL Structure Access Blocked By Apple In iOS 5.1

Since the Apple has rolled out the iOS 5 to general public and jailbreak hacker teams unable to release the untethered jailbreak exploit for the latest iOS version as well as simple jailbreak for the newer devices many users point out that they are missing their couple of handy Cydia tweaks, like SBSettings. Later, we come across to know that there is an internal URL network present in your devices, which allow users to run or perform any action on their device by simply visiting an internal URL on their device.

We have as well seen the couple of tricks, which successfully able to fulfill the requirements of the SBSettings on the iOS 5 without jailbreak, but it appears that Apple has just cut of the support of this URL network in the latest released iOS 5.1 beta 1 to developers. iOS 5.1 does not come up with any new thing except of few new references and limited Siri API access for developers.

iOS 5.1 does not bring any new thing in front of hackers and developers, just they have found the couple of new references to unreleased iOS devices, and brings the block on the use of these URL schemes through the browser. It appears that Apple has not only blocked the URL scheme, as well as blocks the access of this URL system from the root level of the device. The application available in the App Store with the name of IconProject and the web app which aims to provide home screen shortcuts both are failed to provide access on the iOS 5.1.
It’s still unclear why Apple blocks the access to these URL schemes? However, originally iOS 5.1 is aimed to fix the battery drain issue of iOS 5, which mostly occurs on the latest A5 powered devices.