Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Intel Windows 8 Tablets To Start From $599, Not Going To Harm iPad

We have already a big fish in the tablet market tank, with its most famous product called iPad. But still there is a large number of other vendors that are making quite few money from their branded tablets in the market with not user loving operating System. However, Android has also a big tablet market, but the other vendor in the market is now thinking to adopt the Microsoft’s tablet friendly Windows 8, to power their next-generation tablets to entertain users in 2012. We have seen a large number of tablets in CES 2012, waiting for Windows 8 tablet version actual launch from Microsoft to make debut in the market.

Intel windows 8 tablets

Digitimes today comes up with a source claimed note suggesting that Microsoft and Intel are together again to cut out the market of Apple with the launch of both vendors powered Intel Windows 8 tablet in the market; however, both giants are not agreeing with each other in the price ranges of the newer version tablets. It is reported that Intel is not agreeing to cut down the price of its platform in the market, and at the same verge, Microsoft is not agreeing to cut the price of its Windows 8 license for Windows 8 Intel powered tablets. In directly, it seems that those new Intel Windows 8 tablet not going to compete with the iPad in any market, because the starting range of that tablets will force the users to ditch them.

In the report, source claimed that Intel Windows 8 tablet will launch in the $599 to $899 USD price range, which seems to be a biggest favor for the ARM based Windows 8 tablets and notebooks in the market. Currently, in the market, a large number of smartphones are powered with ARM technology, where Intel has not much grip in the market on the smartphones processor. Apple had also introduced its own range of micro processors for its iOS devices, and according to the reportm they are soon going to launch micro processors to power their own iMacs, Macbook Pros.