Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Intel Ivy Bridge Processors To Support 4K HD Retina Display In Macs

If you do remember last week Intel has announced their next generation Ivy Bridge processor chips which is said to be 60% faster than the current Sandy Bridge chips, which was currently uses by Apple in the 2011 Macbook Air model, along with speed performance, an interesting tidbit comes up today regarding the graphics support of these Ivy Bridge chip, which is now reported to support 4K HD resolution, in short will provide 4096-by-4096 pixels and also going to support Apple’s OpenCL.

As noted by the VR-Zone, Ivy Bridge chips will support really Retina Display on all display screens. In the announcement of this Ivy Bridge chip, Intel executives has also highlights that these chips will also provide a Multi Format Codec (MFX) engine, which will be capable of playing multiple 4K HD videos at once. The codec is also capable of handling video processing for 4K QuadHD video, a standard that YouTube began supporting last year.


Intel actively said in the announcement this chips to support Apple’s OpenCL, and will also give performance boost to Apple’s next generation Macbook Air and Macbook Pro Series when ever they release in 2012. While current generation Sandy Bridge chips used in Macs supports up to 2560-by-1600 pixel resolution. According to the report there are still lot of things in the way to implement such a big resolution display in the next generation iMac,Macbook Air and Macbook Pro’s because 4K HD display requires a lot of bandwidth to transfer this huge display on the screen.