Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Installous4.3 Coming Soon [Hands On]

Few months ago Installous 4.2 was released and some improvements were made. Now we will see another update to Installous which will be Installous4.3.Below is a change log of installous of the new upcoming version of it which is 4.3.

Changelog for Installous 4.3:

– this one comes with major improvements under the hood.
– few UI improvements
– fixed native installation bug
– support for localization (german and english currently works)

Currently the new Installous is under going some serious testing and it will be out when it is all fixed. I was lucky to be a part of the test program so i got my hands on the new Installous 4.3 which is not available for Public. I thought to share with you the pictures of the Improvements made in Installous 4.3.

Below are the pics :


The UI of the Installous4.3 has changed alot.

This is something new is added and it is quite good and another new feature is added when you go for the next page Option by going down in Installous, so it comes flying from the left side the more apps.

One new language will be added which will be German and more languages support will also be added in future. The best thing about Installous4.3 is that it is updated to work with iOS4.3 also. I am loving the new Installous experience on iOS4.3 on iPad. Lets see when it comes out.