Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Installous & AppTrackr To Be Taken Down By Apple (Sends Notice)

While we were having some great fun of the Untethered Jailbreak on iOS 5.0.1 and enjoying Cydia Tweaks, on the other hand, Apple is sending take down notice to the most famous website for cracked paid Apps called AppTrackr. Many of you might be aware of the this website and those of you who don’t know about this website, so we will tell you about this website.

The website, Apptrackr provides you with all the paid Apps available on App Store. The website is like a hub for all the people who buy Apps from App Store / iTunes and crack them. After they have done cracking the App, they simply upload to some uploading website and share the link on this website on which people around the globe visit and download the Apps fro free.

As far as Installous is concerned, it is the program through which people install those Apps after they are Jailbroken on iDevice.

So today, the owners of Apptrackr and Installous updated a blog post in which they announced the reason behind giving CAPATCHA on their links present at their website.

Apple began to send “Take Down” Notices to the owners of Apprackr for the content they got. To fight against the Apple’s take down notices, the crew has started to move their servers offshore where Apple cannot preach them for the copyright issues.

They have added CAPATCHA on their links to get some donations out of it in order to support their servers. The CAPATCHA’s are said to be safe and free of any nudity or stuff from like that. The CAPATCHA is putted on to be safe from Apple’s take down.

This Installous software might have affected the sales of Apple in a big way.This could be the biggest reason behind the massive take down notices.