Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Installous 4.2 Released

Hey folks moments ago Apptrackr Tweeted the best Update to Installous.

Installous 4.2 Released! Brand new LocalSharing engine, fixed 3.x firmware compatibility, and an experimental feature.

Hey, everyone! Today we’re making a few necessary updates to Installous.

3.x firmware users may recall that earlier this week, it was very difficult to upgrade to Installous 4.1. While those issues have been fixed, there have also been a few compatibility issues with Installous 4.1. Docmorelli has churned out another update for you, Installous 4.2, which should not have these problems. Please report any other crashes so that we can fix them.

In addition to bugfixes, docmorelli has also updated the LocalSharing engine. It is significantly more memory efficient, has an easier to use frontend, and includes an experimental feature called “remote uploading”. In the settings pane, if LocalSharing is enabled (disabled by default!) you will see the following:

Posted Image

See that URL? Go to it, and you may view downloaded IPA files or upload/install your own. No more SFTP’ing IPA files! :D