Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Hey folks you all must be aware of Installous which is only available in Cydia and to get that you need to be Jailbroken on your iDevice. Below are the changes made to new Installous.

Installous 4.1

Installous 4.1 has been released! The search function has been moved back to the tab bar, dTunes/Safari Download Plugin works perfectly, and we’ve added a setting in Installous called “Remove Metadata” (off by default), making “Metadataremovr” (Jackian’s application) unnecessary.

AppSync Cleanup

There are so many AppSync packages in our repository. This madness must end! I’ve combined 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2 AppSync’s into a single package called “AppSync for 4.0+”. This package is reverse compatible and fixes the In App Purchases bug!

In addition, our AppSync packages have made a positive step in the right direction for inter-repository compatibility. I’ll be working with Xsellize and other repositories in order to make all of our AppSync packages compatible.

Hackulous Resources

We’ve created a dependency for Installous called “Hackulous Resources”. This package is a sub-standard dependency for Installous that we can update in order to improve Installous performance or capabilities without issuing a complete update.

You can get this awesome tweak by adding this official repo in cydia.


And enjoy the fun.!