Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Install OS X Lion For Free On All Macs With Your Authorized Apple ID

Lion has arrived, a common question that is around the web : “Once bought, how many Macs can install the same copy?”. Well, not a definitive answer now seems to be (or maybe), but during the first presentation of Lion during the WWDC 2011 was projected a slide that can help to clarify the matter.

Returning to the text of the slide:

“All Your Macs Authorized” – “All your Macs allowed”

Well this seems to be the definitive answer. But how many Macs can be authorized to the same Apple ID?

To answer this question, for safety, I went to check on the Apple site in part intended to assist users. With a quick search I ended up in this page, in which you can read:

“You can sync or use your Purchases from the iTunes Store on up to five different computers (These can be Any mix of Macintosh or Windows-compatible computers). When you sync or play an item you’ve Purchased, your computer is” Authorized “for purchase using your Apple ID.”


“We may use or synchronize your iTunes Store purchases on up to 5 different computers (these can be either Windows or Mac). When using or sync a purchase, said the computer is” authorized “for purchases made ??with its Apple ID “.

It seems then that the copy you have just purchased a Lion on a Mac App Store for € 23.99 is used on all the Macs in your house as long as these are at most 5. No single license then, but only the so-called family license that allows use of the same copy of software on up to 5 personal devices.

The same policies, remember, are applied to all purchases made on iTunes, and the various Apple Store.