Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

How-To: Install Google Wallet On Your LTE Galaxy Nexus

Since the US users have discovered that they would not be able to enjoy the latest technology NFC as the Google Wallet in their newly launched Galaxy Nexus phones in the U.S, many users have described their sadness over the internet in many forums, and then come across to the XDA forum, which known as the best Android forum. The users over the forum successfully able to release a flashable file in the form of a zip file, which allow users to put the Google Wallet in their LTE powered Galaxy Nexus by Verizon.

Since the release of the flashable file around the globe in the internet world, many users reported that successfully able to get the Google Wallet on their LTE powered Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. As reported by the developer, the files do not work fine on the devices, and users need to root their devices in order to use them, which sounds a bit bad for the new Android users.  However, leave the old sketchy methods to get Google Wallet working on your device, here we have a short and easy method to get the service on your device with new apk file of the Google Wallet for your new Galaxy Nexus.

The new method does not require to have any root access on the device, all you have to install any device explorer on the device, as there are many available in the market. Like Astro, and navigate to the downloaded apk file of the Google Wallet to install it on your device and to make it working on your device. Just install the application on your device, and it would start working fine, but before trying any method you must have in mind that it will be screws your device if you have already applied the zip method on your device, because its not compatible with that method.