Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Install Google+ iOS App On iPod Touch 4G And On Non-U.S iPhones (How To Guide)

The day before we finally got the Google+ Application Approved by Apple. It was released only in the U.S Store and some people reported that it is also working with different stores.

After few hours the App was taken off the App Store due to some problems with the Application. The App is in testing phase. Those who got the App and dont got the App can follow the guide below and get the current version and get the App on iPod Touch 4 and on Non U.S iPhones.

Steps to Follow:


Download iFunbox

Download Google+ App

Make sure you must got Appsync installed from Cydia in order to install the Application.


Open iFunbox and connect your iDevice and make sure iDevice is Jailbroken. When iFunx Box is opened, select your iDevice.

Now Select Install App as shown in the Picture Above.


Now Browse for the App of Google+

Once you done with the browsing of the App, Pres open and iFunbox will install the App for you.

Now enjoy your Google+ App.

Thanks to Google+ Fan Page on Facebook for posting the Method.