Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

InfoDev, Give You UDID Information Of Your Device On iPhone

When the first beta of iOS 5 released to the developers two weeks ago, normal users of iPhone start searching on the web about how they can get iOS 5 beta 1 on their devices, and at end they come the solution on which they have to register the UDID of their device to any developers account, many websites also provide these services but large number of people does not know about UDID and where they get UDID of their device. We have also covered the article on which we tell that you can get your UDID of your device, by connecting it to the iTunes. But now thanks to InfoDev App, now we have no need to connect our device to the iTunes for obtaining UDID of our device, because this app will provide you UDID of your device, right on your iPhone or iPad.

It also provides you some other features such as these mentioned below:

-Device: Device information about which version of IOS UDID and installed;
Network: identifies the IP address and MAC address of your device;
Hardware: Displays the CPU frequency, the system bus and information related to the RAM;
Process: Identifies all processes running on our device.


The app design is really minimal and also allows you to copy and paste the information of your device and let you to email it to anyone. InfoDev is not a jailbreak tweak, it is available in the App Store, and the amazing thing is, it does not cost you!