Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Infinity Blade II Update On Way To Fix Crash Problem

Earlier, this week, we have seen the launch of the most awaited game “Infinity Blade II” for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 hardware, along with the support of the older devices, as reported by the users and from our personal experience, the game delivers the most out of from the A5 processor on the newer devices while works pretty cool on the A4 devices as well. However, it is also reported that the new update comes up with a little bug in the game which causes the game crash on the old gen devices such as original iPad and iPod Touch.

It appears that the team behind the amazing game actually knows about the bug and had already started their work to debug their game and launches a patch of the game to fix the problem on older devices. As the Epic Games has already figured out the problem which might cause the crash on your device:

For some users, Infinity Blade II is due to out of memory on your device. We are already working to resolve the problem in the short, and in the app store will launch an update as soon as possible.

As the folks on the Epic Games pointed, the crash happens due to the memory out of the device, means the app crashes on the older device when your device is running out of the sufficient memory. They have said that the game has not been tested on the old gen devices with a “massive” numbers of running applications. However, they have already started their work to fix out the little bug, and the meanwhile they have stated a little work around to get the application working back on the device. Rein of the Epic Games said to restart your device, whenever you face the crash. He said the crash of the game mostly occurs when the device is running a lot of applications.

According to their blog post statement, the update to the game will be released very soon, but in the meantime you can fix the bug with a simple workaround on your device. So what do you think about the game performance overall on your device?