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iNews: Sizzling News You Might Have Missed This Week

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Finally the month for which we were waiting has arrived and we are only few days back from the launch of the Device we were waiting for years. We were dependent on rumors, fake speculations, leaks and much more. Those all things in previous months somehow increased our hopes for the future release of iPad 3 and iPhone 5. Very long rumored iPad 3 will be coming this month with some new rumors pointing out that iPad-mini or a 7.5-inch iPad will also be debuting this month. This means that iPad 3 will come along with its Sister this month and it won’t be alone. This is something strange.

These things would be revealed on their time. Many of you won’t be aware of the sizzling new you might have missed this whole week because you might be busy in your busy life and must have missed all the sizzling news of the week. You must be thinking that nothing much might have happened this week, but a lot had happened this week. This week was semi-busiest week regarding iNews from different companies.

This might sound strange that Nokia the user friendly Phone maker also made their way in our iNews of the week. Luckily this time we didn’t get any Lawsuit filed against any one. The companies are resting for the time being.

top iphone news

Now let’s have a look at the sizzling news of the week.

iPad 3 Price List Leaked-Revealed The Mysterious Arrival Of 64GB iPad 3

The 64GB iPad 3 might not sound new to you because we got 64GB iPad 2 and we for sure expect an iPad 3 of the same size 64GB again from Apple. Whereas the price list leaked for the iPad 3 seems strange because the price for the iPad 3 WIFI-16GB is the same as iPad 2 WIFI-16GB. See More.

Apple Decorates Yerba Buena for Next Week’s iPad 3 Event [Updated]

iPad 3 is only few days ahead of launch and Apple has started to decorate the Yerba Buena Arts Center for the Media Event. Apple recently released Media Invitations teased by a tag line to Media inviting them for the iPad 3 event on 7th March. See More.

iPad 3 With iOS 6 Already Out, Apple May Demo iOS 6 Next Week

Apple is planning to release iOS 6 and not iOS 5.1. This is strange. The iOS 5.1 beta 2 is out for long and Apple is expected to release iOS 5.1 with the release of iPad 3. Now it seems that Apple will be releasing two different iOS’s. iOS 5.1 and iOS 6. iOS 6 for iPad 3 and iOS 5.1 for iPhone 4S. See more for the confirmation.

 iPad 2 Best Buy Slashes Price By $50, Ahead Of iPad 3 Launch

Looks like BestBuy really works on rumors. After hearing a lot about iPad 3, BestBuy slashed the iPad 2 prices by $50. This won’t increase the sales BestBuy because people are also up to date with our iNews which tells the perfect news. This was a nice move by BestBuy. See More.

Nokia Introduces ProView 808 with A Best 41 Megapixel Camera [Hands-On]

Like we said in the beginning that this time Nokia came on the scene and it looks like Nokia will go on the verge soon beating all its competitors. Nokia introduced something in a cellphone which no one ever dreamed of or thought of. Many of the cellphone manufacturers or camera makers might be thinking to move to 12-18 megapixels and Nokia came up with 41 Megapixels camera in smart phone called Proview. See More for the hands on.

 iOS Loop Hole Allow Developers To Access Pictures & Videos Of Your Device

Securtiy flaws are now emerging in iOS time by time. Once in a month or in few months we come across few security issues on which the attention of Apple is needed urgently. The issues are not small like viruses, spywares or so, the issues are of data stealing and bypassing the lock codes to access the iOS Device. This time we got a new issue in which an iOS loop hole allows developers to access pictures and videos of yours. They cannot do anything regarding this. This is something wrong by Apple. See More.

 Apple to Launch New Apple TV Along With iPad 3 On March 7th

It is never late to have new rumors. It is very difficult to believe in those rumors. The rumors for iPad 3 are acceptable, but the rumors about a new Apple TV are something strange. Refreshment of Apple TV is rumored from long time and on every event it was expected that Apple will be releasing a new Apple TV which wasn’t released till now. This time the rumors seem to be legit because some evidence was found about the new Apple TV with iPad 3. See More for evidence list.

 Apple Looking to Launch New 14-inch MacBook Air Soon

Apple is looking to extend its computing industry. The 11 inch and 13 inch MacBook Air are now out dated as Apple is looking forward to come up with a 14-inch MacBook Air. It is also said that Apple is looking forward for the launch of this MacBook Air 14-inch for the Asian Markets. See More.

 New iPad 3 Part Leak Suggests Home Button Presence

In the Media Invitation sent out by Apple, analysis claimed that there won’t be a home button in the iPad 3. Apple might be planning for a virtual home button like Android Phones got. Luckily we got some parts leaked on the web which suggested that the home button is still present. See More.

Above were the best iNews you might have missed for the week. We come to an end now on behalf of the news section. According to our analysis the top news of the week was iPad 3 and Yerba Buena Arts Center. They both were the most read news and every eye is on them.

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