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iNews: iPhone 4 iOS 5 Unlock, iPhone 5, iPad 3 Heatgate, Steve Jobs Siri Love

This week we have got a lot of news because the last week we couldn’t make it to the iNews. The news present in this edition would be of past week and this week. In our last edition we told you about the iPad 3 launch following the untethered Jailbreak demoed by the three different people of the Jailbreaking community for the New iPad. Till now they haven’t told anything on the progress of the Jailbreak of the new iPad on iOS 5.1 and on older Devices. They said that they working hard to find some exploit which can lead them to Jailbreak for the New iPad and older devices. The jailbreak is in process and will be released when the work is done completely and safe for public release.

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After Jailbreak, the turn comes for Unlock. This time we came across much new news about Unlock. The news came from R-SIM and Gevey SIM S.  These both companies showed that they can unlock all the basebands and even CDMA iPhone can be unlocked. R-SIM is new in the market and they have reached till 4th Generation of their SIM. Things have gone really strange this past week. Many new things also showed up this week. Some strange foundlings also came out for iPad 3.

Let’s start our edition of iNews.

Download iTunes 10.6.1 For Windows & Mac OS X With Bug Fixes

Apple released iTunes 10.6.1 for both Windows and Mac OS X users, targeting an unknown bug faced by iPod Nano users while restoring their devices to custom firmware versions.  Read more.

U.S Government Agencies are willing to pay $250,000 for an iOS Exploit

An iOS exploit got more money than the pay of any companies C.E.O. You can get richer only by finding an iOS exploit. Grugg is a broker company which revealed that certain security companies are willing to pay off more than $250,000 for an iOS exploit because they want to find a fix for that exploit. The most valued exploit is said to be of Read More.

iPhone 5 Coming In Fall With LTE Radio, Micro-Dock Connector

Once again the iPhone 5 rumors started. These rumors are not new, but we are listening these rumors from the day iPhone 4S was launched. This time the rumors regarding iPhone 5 suggest some hardware changes with shape and release in fall/ October. The iPhone 5 is said to carry LTE Radio, Micro Dock Connector, and a larger screen of 4.5 inch. Read More.

New iPad Runs More Than 25 Hours As 4G Hotspot, Much Cooler Than Android Tablets

The new iPad is said to be running more than 25 hours on the new 4G LTE technology provided by Verizon, beating all the Android tablets. The battery time got improved with the help of new extended battery in the new iPad. Read More.

iH8Sn0w: Downgrade iOS 5.1 To iOS 5.0.1 / 5.0 Is Possible With New Exploit

one of the most awaited news/hope shown out by a Tweet from ih8sn0w that he have successfully found a way by which he can downgrade iOS 5.1 to iOS 5.0.1 on iPhone 4S and iPad 2. He has found a loophole by which he can perform this step. He is currently working on this method and will release it when it is ready. Read More.

Here’s Why Steve Jobs Liked Siri To Include It In iPhone 4S

SIRI is the one and only personal assistant which saved the ass of Apple from the downfall/fear of releasing the iPhone 4S. iPhone 4S was the same shape as of the iPhone 4 with few hardware changes and addition of SIRI in it. At first Steve Jobs didn’t liked the name SIRI at all. Then the developer of SIRI had several meetings with Steve Jobs to come up with a new name for SIRI. Read More.

Apple Targeted By Officials Over Misleading New iPad “4G” Advertisement

After the release of the New iPad in 23 other countires including Australia, Apple got sued over 4G LTE Advertisement. Australian government targeted Apple over the fals advertisement of the new 4GLTE because this technology is only capable in America and Canada; rest of the world uses this technology as 3G. Read More.

No More Siri On iPhone 4 / iPad 2 With Spire On iOS 5.1 Jailbreak

The honeymoon period for all those enjoying SIRI on their iPhone 4 and older Devices would be over in iOS 5.1. They wouldn’t be able to access/install Spire on iOS 5.1 and run SIRI because Apple has changed everything related to SIRI in iOS 5.1. The hackers are working to crack the code and make it work on the new iOS version. Read More.

Apple Explains Why New iPad Continuous Charging On Reaching 100% Level

When the new iPad came into hands of the millions of people, some of them reported that the new iPad still charges when it reaches 100%. The icon of discharge doesn’t shows up. This was a strange thing found in the new iPad within a week of its launch. To overcome this issue, Apple’s VP told everything in detail about this issue. Read More.

New iPhone To Future 3D Imagery Capturing iSight Camera Lens

This is some revolutionary change planned by Apple for their new iPhone lined up for the release in Fall. Apple is planning to come up with a whole new revolutionary camera with 3D technology which can be used in still and in video mode. Read More.

Users Facing Overheating Issues With New iPad (Alert)

The New iPad gets really hot from the bottom when you use it more than 2 hours consciously. Users have flooded the Support forum made by Apple with this heating issue. They have said that their iPad gets hotter than iPad 2 deepening on the use of it. Some said that the new iPad gets so hot that they can fry an egg on it. That’s really strange. Read More.

New iPad Heats up To 116 Degree & Can’t Charge under Heavy Usage

The New iPad heats about 116 Degree when you run it for 45 minutes. The test was done on iPad 2 and iPad 3 running Infinity blade II. The new iPad got hotter than the iPad 2. The testers use infra-red camera to view the heat and measured it. Read More.

New iPad (3rd-Gen) Cause Less Eye Strain Than Others

This is one of the best advantages of buying the new iPad. The new iPad causes less strain on the eyes of a user as compared to other devices. With the help of the Retina Display technology, Apple has been able to provide its users with the best display ever. Read More.

More Than 200,000 New iPad Units Smuggled To China For Grey Market

The demand for the new iPad in China is so strong that shop keepers at gray market smuggled the New iPad in China to start the early sales of the New iPad. It was reported that about 200,000 iPad 3 were smuggled into China for the early sale of the iPad 3. Read More.

Rovio Launched Angry Birds Space On iOS, Android, PC and Mac

This week the new edition to the family of Angry Birds arrived. This time Angry Birds took the war into space with pigs. Rovio released the most teased version of Angry Birds this week. You can grab your part from here.

Unlock iPhone 4S Baseband 2.0.10 On iOS 5.1 With R-SIM III

Like we told you that the R-SIM made a progress regarding the iPhone unlock. They have released a new version which intends to unlock the new baseband on iPhone 4S. Till now there is no official unlock by the Dev-Team, so we would have to rely on this SIM. Read More.

R-SIM IV Launching This Week To Unlock “4.11.08″ iPhone 4 Baseband

This week R-SIM VI would be launching to unlock the new baseband on iPhone 4 running iOS 5.0.1. R-SIM is totally new in the market. It is the first time that any SIM card interposer has made a great progress. GEVEY SIM people are still working on unlock, whereas R-SIM will be releasing unlock for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Read More.

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