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iNews: Exclusive iPad 3 Jailbreak On Launch Day, Retina Games, LTE iPad 3, 1080p Apple TV

In our rearmost edition of iNews, we told you about the iPad 3 launch and all that happened that past week. To sum up, endmost week reports, iPad 3 was announced and much more happened. The main thing was The New iPad called iPad 3 from this day forwards. This week the iPad 3 got launched. Many of you might be lined in for the iPad 3 when some special news about the iPad 3 came out in wild. The hottest news was about the Untethered Jailbreak for the iPad 3 which was told few days back. If you are a regular reader at FreakGeeks.Com, you must be aware of the tidbits going in the jailbreak world and among the iOS hackers.

This time all of them challenged each other that they will be coming up with the Untethered Jailbreak for iPad 3, iPad 2, and iPhone 4S. Remaining iPhone 4 and below would be followed by the Jailbreak when it is done. Every one of them came up with three different proofs regarding the Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5.1 on iPad 3. This is strange but true.

Now let’s get started with our segment of rearmost week’s news that you might have missed.

New York iPhone 4S User Sued Apple as SIRI Sucks in Real-Time

Apple released SIRI the personal assistant with iPhone 4S and thought that it would make a big success. After it was released, no doubt many people liked it and are happy while using it. We thought that everyone must be happy to use SIRI on their iPhone 4S, but the story comes out in a different way. A New York resident went to court and sued Apple because he didn’t like SIRI. This is strange. He stated that SIRI is slow as compared to the advertisement. He needs the court to get his iPhone 4S charges back from Apple. Read More.

Earlier Benchmark Results Of iPad 3 Reveals: 1 GHz Processor, 1GB RAM

Before the iPad 3 could make its way in the hands of the end users, people over Tinhte.vn got their iPad 3 before hand. They did some benchmarking for the new iPad 3 with an app called Geekbench. The results of the App showed them about the inner memory, processor, and the GPU size. The RAM and Processor in the iPad 3 got updated to 1 GHZ and 1 GB Ram. Like before Apple released iPad 2 with 512 MB Ram and low profile processor. Read More.

Sn0wbreeze 2.9.3 Released With Bug Fixes, To Jailbreak Apple TV On iOS 5.1

After the release of iOS 5.1 for older devices including Apple TV 2G, ih8sn0w the developer of Sn0wbreeze updated his tool with the support of iOS 5.1 for the Apple TV 2G. The new version of the Sn0wbreeze also brings out the support for iOS 5.1 on iPhone 4 and below. Read More.

The New iPad gets reviewed: Amazing Retina Display, Impressive 4G LTE Network

Before the release of the new iPad for Public, some niche blog got their hands on it and they somehow reviewed the new iPad. In their review, they told about the new amazing Retina Display and the fastest 4G LTE network. They also compared the old iPad 2 with the new iPad to make the difference clearer.  You can see the full review here.

New 1080p Apple TV (3rd-Gen) Reviewed With Details

Once again, before these Devices could make their way to the public, they are reviewed by some niche blogs, or we can say news companies. In their review, they have told all about the specs, details, and stuff about the Apple TV 3. Read More.

Face Time Video Call Still Limited to Wi-Fi, Even 4G LTE iPad Rolls Out

This is something sad that Apple hasn’t made any progress with the Face Time on their devices. They have progressed to 4G LTE Network and still their Face Time service depends on WI-FI. After getting hands-on iPad 3, which is compatible with 4G LTE, still cannot make calls without WI-FI. This is something strange because Apple should have allowed Face Time calls over 4G LTE. Read More.

The New iPad (3rd-Gen) Launches around the World [PICTURES]

Finally, the New iPad gets launched all around the world after hearing a lot of rumors. Millions of people were lined up outside the Apple Store for the launch of iPad 3. Like before everyone needs to get their hands on the newly released Apple Devices on the day of launch. Click here to see the pictures of the iPad 3 launches.

iPhone Dev-Team Previews The New iPad (3rd-Gen) Jailbreak On iOS 5.1, But No ETA

The Untethered jailbreak has been the hottest topic after the launch of iPad 3. At first i0n1c showed some pictures of the iPad 3 Untethered Jailbreak. Then the Dev-Team member, @MuscleNerd came up with his proof of the iPad 3 Jailbreak on iOS 5.1. This doesn’t means that the Untethered Jailbreak for iPad 3 is almost around the corner or it is ready to go. He also said that the jailbreak needs some work, whereas the Untethered Jailbreak i0n1c got is an almost final version. Read More.

10 Great Retina-enabled Games for Your New iPad

After all of the stuff happened the day before including the iPad 3 launch, most of the users must be finding some economic Retina Made Apps for their New iPad. So we have made out a collection of the top 10 Retina Display compatible Apps in which you might be interested. Read More.

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