Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

iNews: 10 Best Topics You May Missed This Week

Just like last week, we have this week also compiled a short list of best few articles and news that you may want to read, or helps you keep updated yourself with latest news. Every day or time there is some sort of new news regarding Apple. Some times in a day there is no news and sometimes in one minute there are many news regarding Apple. This week we came across many news regarding Apple, which made us, go zoom doom. To keep you update, we were trying our level best to keep you updated with the latest news day by day. Some of you might be busy in your works that you people missed the hottest and spicy news in this past week.

We have arranged all the news in one place, so it is easy for you to go through the hottest and spicy news at one place rather than googling for the latest news about Apple or visiting other websites and going through their full history to see which was the hottest news of this week.

So lets start with the hottest and groundbreaking news of this week.

Unlock iPhone 4S on iOS 5.0, 5.0.1 With TPSIM:

Unlocking is a major issue these days. Specially unlock for iPhone 4 and now iPhone 4S also. The unlock for iPhone 4 is like a ghost which disappeared after the unlock for iOS 4.3.5 on baseband 4.10.08. The unlock was done by GEVEY people and the Dev-Team seems to be disappeared from the unlocking seen from past one year.

The unlock for iPhone 4 wasn’t yet done properly that we cam across a new news that you can unlock iPhone 4S with a new SIM called TPSIM made by China Snow. They have shown a video of the SIM in action, which is like GEVEY Ultra, and it is said to be better than that. Read More.

iPad Mini 7-inch With iPad 3 coming in March

The rumors of iPad 3 are coming from a long time ago and we have also reported about the iPad 3 rumors in our previous edition of Top 10 News past week. This week iPad 3 rumors some improvements with leaked parts showed up and a new iPad Mini is said to be coming this March. Read More.

AT&T Pushes New LTE SIM Cards, Are they for iPad 3?

AT&T is also on the move these days. Something great is coming up. Some time today AT&T released new LTE SIM Cards which are said to be for iPad 3 as iPad 3 is around the corner and just waiting for the production to begin and to be released. ReadMore.

iTunes Accounts Under Fire Again, As Hackers Using To Steal User Money

It appears that once again Apple is under the fire of hackers attack on its iTunes Store, as a single thread on Apple’s Support Forum regarding the iTunes account hacking is growing rapidly. [Read More]

Apple HDTV Already Present In Third-Party Labs, Features Siri & Hand Gestures

Apple is rumored to be finalizing their most rumored HDTV product, and appears to be in talk with third party networks to test the device to become the first networks to launch the device with their protocols. Apple iTV is said to be carrying the hand gestures to locate users. [Read More]

OtterBox: iPad 3 Cases Are Ready To Go In Market Before The Launch Of iPad 3

Once again, the cases makers are reporting that they got access on the Apple’s next generation iPad 3, and they have already started the production of the next generation cases. iPad 3 is said to be carrying the same design as iPad 2. [Read More]

Apple is Asking Developers To Submit Retina Screen Shots

The rumors regarding the iPad 3 are on its peak and Apple is also somewhat hinting towards a new and improved display iPad in near future. Few days back Apple had mailed all the developers to submit Retina Screen Shots for the Apps they got. RedMore.

BestBuy Dreams of a 42” Inch Apple TV

After the rumors of iPad 3, the next number is of Apple TV. New Apple TV is also high these days in respect of rumors. This week, BestBuy sent an internal memo in which they describe about the Apple HD TV with a lot of new features. ReadMore.

iPad 3 Retina Display to beat iMacs in Display

Still iPad 3 is on the top list of rumors these days. Once again we got another rumors stating that the iPad 3’s Retina display will beat the iMacs display in a small screen. ReadMore.

Above are the hottest and top news you might have missed this week. Stay tuned for the next week’s release of iNews.  Feel free to share the best news you liked of this week with us.