Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iNews: Interesting News You Might Missed This Week: iPad 3 Launch, iPhone 4S Unloc

Days are passing by and rumors are rising with a particular level of heat. These days, every single moment is fulfilled of some hot news, which we some how miss in our busy life. Once the news is missed, so there is no other way to see the news other than going through the blogs old posts and finding out the news that you have missed. These days many new things are highly rumored including iPad 3 and the month of March is also being rumored as a lucky month for Apple.

Any how the month of February is about to end in few days and we will be landing in March really soon when all the rumors will come to end.

Like before we have selected some top ten news for this past week, which you might have missed.

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Now lets get started with the hottest and groundbreaking news for this past week.

iPad 3 To Have A 2048×1536 Retina Display (Confirmed)

iPad 3 was on the verge this past week. iPad 3 is rumored to come in March so the leaks were started to appear on the web from past few months. This time some interesting leaks surfaced the web regarding the iPad 3 display. iPad 3 is said to have retina Display with resolution of 2048*1536. This resolution display seems to be pretty awesome and would be epic if this display comes to life. Read More.

Retina Display Of iPad 3 Leaked

This week, we learned that some retailers across the world has just got their hands on the new upcoming Retina Display panel of iPad 3, and friends over labs have just confirmed openly with their microscopic test of the panel that iPad 3 is going to get Retina Display.  Read More.

iPad 3 To Debut On March 23 In Germany

We told you before that he iPad 3 was on the verge these days and you will be hearing a lot about iPad 3 in this edition. Though iPad 3 is said to come on March 9th but some rumor pointed out towards the launch of iPad 3 in Germany on 23rd March. This is very strange because it usually takes few months before the Apple devices get released officially. Read More.

Unlock Your iPhone 4S On iOS 5.0/5.0.1 With R-SIM

This week we came across a strange SIM called R-SIM that intends to unlock iPhone 4S on iOS 5.0/ 5.0.1. The Dev-Team is having a nap these days while some 3rd party people are working for us to get the Unlock done. Read More.

GEVEY Releases Gevey Ultra S To Unlock iPhone 4S

Soon after the release of R-SIM, GEVEY people couldn’t stay behind and they came up with a new SIM Interposer called Gevey Ultra S for the iPhone 4S. This SIM also does the same thing like R-SIM intends to do. Both do the unlocking business. Read More.

iPad Banned In Another China City, Apple To Sue Proview

This month was not in favor of Apple. This month Apple has faced many issues regarding its iDevices. Samsung and then Motorola sued first Apple. Later on they faced some issues with iPad in China over logo trademark. Read More.

iOS 5.0.1 Security Bug Allows To Bypass Passcode Lock Easily On iPhone

The innovative iOS released by Apple led to strange and serious security bug that allows you to access some ones call records, phone book, and dial pad via the lock screen. The bug was found out by iPhoneIslam. Even if your iPhone is locked with a passcode, any person can access your personal data in just one step. Read More.

Apple Reminds MobileMe Users To Migrate Their Accounts To iCloud

Apple is looking forward to merge iCloud with MobileMe and they have asked the users to migrate to iCloud before it is too late. Apple is expected to close down MobileMe services in few weeks because they merged all the things with their new feature called iCloud. Read More. 

People Pays For Service That Adds “Sent From My iPhone” Signature To Messages

People in China have started a new business or they are getting very rich day by day. On one side where Apple is fighting to survive in Chinese Market, on the other hands people are paying a certain amount for the signature “Sent from My iPhone” which is totally free in your iPhone in the mail section. Read More.

Motorola Makes Apple to Seize iCloud Push Services in Germany

Like we told you before that this month was not in favor Apple. Samsung, then Motorola, sued first Apple. Motorola won the 3G GPRS patent war against Apple in Germany and banned Apple’s all 3G capable iDevices operations from German’s Apple Store. Today Motorola won another lawsuit against Apple and made them seize the Push Notification services in Germany. Read More.

Above are the hottest and ground breaking news you might have missed this week. We will be coming up with the new edition of iNews next week. Do let us know about which news you liked the most and what else you want us to do for you or do you want us to add anything more in this iNews section or not.