Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

iMod: Best Apps & Tweaks Of The Week For iPhone / iPad

So guys, enjoying the blast of tweaks? Don’t tell me that you have missed anything! If so, then here we got something that will catch your attention! Yes! We got everything that happened in this week. A glimpse of hot favorite posts and tweaks that has come with the start of the month, proved to be a very lucky month for Apple.


Adobe Releases Photoshop Touch For iPad 2In App Store

Adobe has released the Adobe Photoshop Touch application for iPad 2 users. The Photoshop Touch is the port of real Adobe Photoshop suite with highly customized tools for the iPad touch panel, and its memory. Photoshop Touch goes out with a price tag of $9.99, in various App Stores and said to be pulled out from the App Store for a prematurely launch of the application. [Read More]

DataMonitor Lets You Manage Data Usage, Device Usage on iPhone

Data Monitor is a new tweak launched in Cydia that provides you a quick view of your data usage on your device, it allows you to check your both wireless and network data usage with a single click, and also carries the clean and clear layout. It provides you live data usage results on your device. However, it doesn’t end on simple data monitoring, the tweak application is also featuring some additional tools, like task-manager for your device that lets you manage your current running services on the iPhone, and as well there is a little tab present in the device that presents you with a complete detailed information of your iPhone or iPad on the screen.[Read More]

Reflection Lets You Mirror iPad 2 & iPhone 4S Screen To Mac OS X

AirPlay Mirroring is one of the painful features for the iOS device owners, and many of them are not aware of this feature because the feature is required addition hardware presence in the house to make it work. Apple introduced AirPlay Mirroring with iPad 2 announcement, and reportedly announced to only work with the Apple TV set-top box to mirror your device layout on the bigger screen. While many users have quickly gotten the Apple TV to bring mirroring on their homes and offices, but still most of the people are not aware of the feature and doesn’t want to spend some extra money on the addition hardware purchase.[Read More]

Rotate Your iPhone Icons In Every Direction Automatically With IconRotator

A new tweak that aims to bring some fabulous animations to your dock icons, and allows them to rotate with the device orientation using the device hardware. Long time ago, we have seen such kind of tweak coming out in Cydia, these days everyone is wasting his writing skills to facilitate the iOS Notification Center, or the new Siri. It seems that developers have just started copying the real art, and publishing the copied thing with little modification on Cydia Store to earn some bucks.[Read More]

Pay Tribute To Steve Jobs With New Stevi Siri’s Icon Theme

It appears that a theme designer just got some time to pay tribute to Steve Jobs, and while using Steve Jobs introduced iPhone and other iOS device. The theme designer comes up with a new handy tool for the folks present with the jailbroken status on their devices. The designer calls himself a monke ystyle, and approached a different way to pay tribute to Steve Jobs. He designed a simple microphone icon replacement for Siri on the jailbroken devices, and launched a new tweak in the Cydia that let you replace Siri’s default home icon with a detailed silhouette of Steve Jobs.[Read More]

DisableLaunch Let You Protect Apps With Password On iPhone / iPad

Apple iOS devices are already famous for their ultimate security on the operating system of the device that obviously prevents anyone from cracking it, but there are already numbers of cool loop holes available in the market that bring your device in danger easily with a little access on your device. However, you can protect your device with pass code like things, but the pass code option only protects your device from the lock screen not on inner shell of iOS program. Well, there is a new tweak launched in the Cydia Store that brings some additional security to your device inner shell of iOS.[Read More]

PassTouch Brings Multi-User Browser Privacy To Shared iPad

Passtouch is a new web browser application is launched in the App Store that is especially designed for the iPad users to bring multi-user web browsing capabilities on the shared iPad device. It protects your web-based used information like stored passwords, bookmarks, cookies sessions, and other auto-fill options. It is a cool looking application that allows you to safely browse what you want on your device without being highlighted in someone’s eye.
It also provides the option to different users to select their own environment that is protected from other users on the same device, as well as the browser is not only designed for registered users but also for the guests.[Read More]

AnyVoice Allow Siri To Speak Into Different 40+ Accents

AnyVoice is a new Cydia tweak that brings 40+ different voice accents to your iPhone 4S personal assistant Siri with a long list to choose your liked one. AnyVoice is an upcoming jailbreak Siri Cydia tweak that bring some more natural voice features to Siri, and allows it to sound much better than before, in short according to the user’s decision, not Apple. The new tweak is appeared to be very simple in term of settings and options, as it comes with a single options pan in the iOS, and gives you a long list of voices that it can produce through the Siri.[Read More]