Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

iMindReader 2: Really Reads Your Mind [Video]

The maker of the App called Phranger came with a new App recently called iMindReader 2. The App is really Fantastic and works really awesome.

The product, classified under the heading Entertainment, promises to spend 10 minutes of joy to all buyers through a new trick that will make your iPhone able to read your mind.

Relax and in absolute silence, download and run iMindReader2. A couple of on-screen instructions, will explain how to do the trick of illusion … and … surprise! … the trick really works!

It will take a while to understand what it is … but in the meantime, success is guaranteed with your friends!

This is how it works.

First Launch the App and Select a card. Don’t tell any one about the card you chose and no need to Point it out or touch the card. Just memorize the card you selected.

For EG, I choose the Black King of Spade. The 3rd card to right.

Now put your hand on the iPhone as shown in the step #2. Now the screen will go black. Wait for 30 to 20 seconds and then Remove your hand.

When you will remove your hand the card you thought will be gone. 😀 . As you can see the card i chose is not present.

I chose many different cards and the same thing happened. The card was taken out. :d. isn’t it amazing?


Well this cool App only costs 0.99$ and you can buy it from here.

As usual we will do a give away of this App, as soon as we get the Redeem Codes.