Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

iMessage App For Mac OS X Concept Shown In Video

The name iMessage must be familiar to you. If not so we will tell you, iMessage is the new Messaging System which is to be implemented by Apple in iOS 5 and it is currently available in iOS 5 beta 1 which is available for Developers only. iMessage will be a totally new messaging system for iOS with a lot of new features like Delivery reports, send Pictures, Videos and etc.

There is a possibility that Apple may introduce stand alone package for iMessage in MAC Appstore later on to integrate it with iOS 5. Chances are high because in past Apple did the same thing with Facetime for iPhone 4, that they putted it on MAC Appstore for 0.99$ for MAC users.

Jan-Michael Cart creator of iOS 5 concepts posted another concept of his regarding iMessage for MAC OS X Lion which is released today.

Check out he Concept Video:


Well the video is really awesome and the concept shown in the video is not bad. Remember iMessage will only be available in iOS 5 for iPhone,iPod, and iPad, but some source code strings found in MAC OS X Lion shows that Apple might be working on some desktop messaging system later this year.