Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

“IM+ Video” Coming In App Store With In 10 Days

There are many apps available for iOS devices which allow you to do VoIP calls, today in report from TechCrunch, we hear that a new app is coming in App Store with name of “IM+ Video” this app has unique function which allow it to lead among other apps in App Store, this app is based on the CrispApp by a Hong Kong based developer and acquired by the Shape Service, the same guys behind the popular IM app “IM+”. It is reported that “IM+ Video” will allow user to do video calling with your Facebook friends, Free of cost.


IM+ Video will only support video calls to your Facebook account-holding friends, with calls able to be placed iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to desktop and vice versa. In another report we heard that Facebook is also going to kick out “something awesome” this Thursday which going to be in browser based video calling with Skype.