Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

iH8Sn0w Teases The iBook Fix For iOS 5 Jailbreak (Video)

Since the Apple has released the iBook for the iOS, we have seen it always comes up with some bugs on the arrival of jailbreak for the device. We have seen Apple has blocked the usage of iBook on jailbroken device such as many other app vendor tries to block their application access on the jailbroken iOS devices.  Last week Apple has releases the iOS 5 and almost every third person had updated its device to the latest version of iOS and after the upgrade, most of them jailbreaked their device.

 iBook On iOS 5

It appears that iBook does not work on the iOS 5 tethered or semi-tethered jailbreak due to Apple restrictions of app in the sandbox of iOS 5. The app immediately crashes on jailbroken iOS 5 device when user tap on its icon in the Springboard of the device. It looks like some infamous hacker has managed to fix the bug, just ahead of the Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs first official biography launch. Many of the users wanted to run the iBook on their device to read the biography or other books but due to iOS 5 jailbreak they can’t run it on their device.

iBook Fix For iOS 5 Jailbreak

iH8Sn0w, one of the most famous iPhone jailbreak hacker has just teased a video today on his official twitter account on which he shows the iBook running perfectly on the iOS 5 jailbroken device. iH8sn0w has managed to fix the sandbox error problem with Sn0wbreeze/redsn0w iOS 5 jailbreak, and make the application to run on iOS 5 jailbroken device. However, iH8sn0w says that he won’t release the fix for public since it’s not stable.