Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

iFixit: New 2011 MacBook Airs Have User Upgradeable SSDs

It seems that eagle eye folks with heavy sources over iFixit got their hands on the newest 2011 13-in MacBook Air, and has started the teardown. The report came from them claims that mostly construction of new MacBook Air is similar to the oldest versions which we have founded in 2010, the report also prove fakes some recent rumors, which claims that new MacBook Air to have SSDs soldered to the board, according to their teardown report SSDs are still not soldered to the board that means users can still upgrade them to their needs after getting MacBook Air with standard options.


This time iFixit guys have nothing special yet regarding the teardown of MacBook Air, because most of the development is similar to the older version. They have also reported that they founded new HD webcam for FaceTime in the newest launched MacBook Air, and the placement of camera because the display is really thinner and its amazing to see the displacement of camera in it. Hit the video for the rest