Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

iFile Updated To Support DropBox Features

DropBox, one of the new feature in MAC OS X Lion introduced on WWDC 2011 is now added to third party file finder i.e iFile. In this feature you will be able to transfer files from one DropBox to another including the features of renaming the file/folder etc. Well apart from this many improvements/features were also pushed out in the updated iFile such as

  1. “Pull down to reload” in your browser.
  2. Support for songs and video to iPod editor.
  3. Button to confirm the dismissal of the images in the Image Viewer.
  4. Webarchive support in Web Viewer.
  5. Audio or Video purchased from iTunes can be now played within the Audio and Video Player of iFile.
  6. New settings interface.
  7. Improved translations.

A little review of DropBox was given by iPhoneItalia as following

New: Full support Dropbox

In the new version was introduced iFile full support to Dropbox , including the functions of copying / moving a file from the iPhone in its own online space and vice versa, or between Dropbox and Dropbox. You can also create new folders inside Dropbox, rename files, and download them locally for use directly in iFile. The cache can be cleared by Dropbox preferences. You may also dissociate from their own Dropbox account settings always iFile.

Well so update you iFile now to get the exclusive new features, available from BigBoss Repository.