Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

iFaith 1.4.1 Released With Minor Bugs Fixed And iOS 4.4.4 Support

iFaith is the first tool which is getting very famous after Tiny Umbrella to save SHSH Blobs. Tiny Umbrella used to save SHSH for current and future iOS’s whereas iFaith only saves the current SHSH Blobs. After the release of iOS 5.x, Apple had blocked the SHSH Blobs saving procedure for iDevices. Those who were on iOS 5.0 were stuck after the release of iOS 5.0.1 because there was no way that they can save SHSH Blobs for iOS 5.0 and update to iOS 5.0.1. Some of them updated to iOS 5.0.1 by sacrificing their iOS 5.0 for iOS 5.0.1.

Those who updated to iOS 5.0.1 were regretting their update decision when ih8sn0w, the developer behind Sn0wbreeze came with an update of iFaith which could let you save your SHSH Blobs for iOS 5.0 and iOS 5.0.1 with AP Tickets. The update helped you to save SHSH Blobs for iOS 5.0/ 5.0.1 by which you can restore to iOS 5.0.1 and iOS 5.0 to retain Jailbreak. This was a brilliant and very innovative step taken by ih8sn0w by updating its tool and allowing users to save their SHSH Blobs for iOS 5.x.x.

Today iFaith got updated to new version with some minor changes and support for Apple TV’s iOS 4.4.4 added to it. The new version of Apple TV was released this past week. iFaith is only for windows so far.

The change log is as follow:

iFaith v1.4.1 Release Notes:


* Added Apple TV 4.4.4 (9A406a) support.

* TinyUmbrella iOS 4.4.x/5.x.x blobs are now accepted.

* Resolved rare DFU detection issues.

* Resolved issues with 8GB iPhone 4 Models.

* Resolved iPhone 3GS issues with factory certificates/Error 21

  that occurred during restore.

* Resolved iOS Detection issues.

* Removed kill-switch that accidentally got distributed in

  iFaith-v1.4’s public release.

* Don’t expect A5 device support until a DFU bootrom

  exploit is publicly available.

* Thanks to JKjeepnJeff & JPWest for their contributions

  to this release! 🙂


    Now available at:


Tweet any bugs via twitter to @iH8sn0w

// iH8sn0w

In this new build of iFaith, ih8sn0w has fixed some issues which were causing the problem for saving SHSH Blobs for some iDevices. The tool failed to detect the iOS Device, when the user entered its iDevice into DFU for the SHSH saving procedure. The support for the new iOS 4.4.4 for Apple TV 2G has been also added.

Still the support for A5 Devices is not yet done because there is no Jailbreak so far for the A5 equipped iDevices. The Jailbreak for A5 iDevices is under process and will be out some time soon.

Till then Download iFaith from below and save your SHSH Blobs.