Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Rotate Your iPhone Icons In Every Direction Automatically With IconRotator

A new cool tweak has just debuted in the world right from its author mind, and aims to bring some fabulous animations to your dock icons, and allows them to rotate with the device orientation using the device hardware. Long time ago, we have seen such kind of tweak coming out in Cydia, these days everyone is wasting his writing skills to facilitate the iOS Notification Center, or the new Siri. It seems that developers have just started copying the real art, and publishing the copied thing with little modification on Cydia Store to earn some bucks.


However, a new tweak is ready to work on your device with aim to provide you a new look of your dashboard on different orientations of your device. IconRotator, is a new jailbreak tweak developed by the most famous star of the jailbreaking community, Ryan Petrich. Icon Rotator is available to download for free, but it is not available on any publicly installed or organized repository by any third party. This time Ryan Petrich thinks to release a new tweak on his owned managed, and beta testing repository for the users.



IconRotator is just a simple tweak that rotates your device dashboard icons according to your device’s orientation, as well as it also prevents the device to go into the default landscape mode of iOS, instead it provides a new look of landscape orientation to the portrait orientation of your device. 

Our Thoughts:

The tweak is pretty simple and gives an additional animation trick to your device dashboard icons depends on their orientation. Moreover, it is available for all in the beta testing repo of the developer.


Do let us know what you think about the IconRotator on your device?